This Is What A Volunteer Trip Feels Like…

Volunteer Trip

One of the things that makes us special is our volunteer trips. We have taken over 300 volunteers to work in schools, meet students & community members, and see the (real-time) impact of their donations. These trips are exhausting, emotional and truly once in a lifetime experiences.

This is not a trip where we just hold babies and pose for photos…we work hard! Days start early and include manual labor. But, OneKid is also about having fun and learning about the communities we serve. You will eat local food, participate in traditional dances, and you may even zipline off a mountain top. OneKid trips take you outside of your comfort zone, but the reward that comes with that feeling is invaluable. We value safety above all else. Your friends will ask you, “How can you go to El Salvador?! Isn’t it dangerous?” We assess each country’s political situation and current events before planning a trip. We hire local guides for our transportation. Most importantly, we work closely with people who live in each country (our Country Director and Project Managers in Kenya and Glasswing International in Central America) to ensure we are traveling to and staying in safe locations.

Interested in donating your time at one of our events or even joining us on a trip? Or maybe you’d like to donate goods or services like school supplies or shipping services?

We’d love to learn more about you and how you can help!

Family Trip

Many parents say they want to raise kids who are socially responsible, contribute to the world in a positive way, and care about others. Well, here is your chance! 

Help your children learn first-hand about global social responsibility. Don’t just tell them how fortunate they are, show them. Bring them on a family “vacation” that will be your family’s most memorable trip. You’ll be amazed at the skills and character traits that emerge on a OneKid family trip. It’s not only a great way to have some precious family bonding time, but your teenager may even put down his/her iPhone for a whole day! 

Organize a group of families that you know or join us on a trip with other families who have kids the same ages as yours. (OneKid recommends that all kids are 12+ years old.)

Corporate Trip

For the past several years, OneKid has taken small, select groups of companies on what might be known as “Business Bonding” trips.  Okay, yes it’s technically a group of co-workers traveling together…but it’s really so much more. This isn’t a day full of lectures in an airport hotel ballroom. This is a chance to spend four days of quality time working together to transform a Central American school, staying at a small out of the way hotel, learning to surf, doing fun and unique bonding exercises, generally unplugging from the rest of the world and really getting to know “Bob from Accounting.” We like to call it “Adult Helping Camp.” And we think they are pretty cool.