For ten years, we have worked to ensure girls of the Suba District of Kenya have access to education, but one HUGE problem keeps coming up: No feminine hygiene products.

That means every time a girl gets her period she doesn’t go to school. That’s up to two months a year.

We aim to change that. In 2016, we were able to provide reusable feminine hygiene kits to over 1,000 students at three different girls schools in Western Kenya. These kits include products that are effective and the girls aren’t embarrassed to use. These kits give them power over their own cycles and bodies. These kits keep the girls in school.

In March of 2019, we were able to buy feminine hygiene products for every girl at Nyamasare, Kasawanga and Rusinga Island Girls schools. 

It costs $9 dollars to provide hygiene products for a year for one student. $9! That’s it.