About Our Central America Projects

OneKid expanded to Central America almost a decade ago.  Our first project was an extreme school makeover at a rural school in El Salvador. In the subsequent decade, OneKid has expanded to Guatemala and Nicaragua…and totally remade over 20 schools.

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Here Are Some Highlights Of Our El Salvador Projects

Centro Escolar San Alfonso

In February of 2019, we took our third Family Trip to work in this charming school perched above one of the best surfing beaches in all of Central America. We built a new kitchen and bathrooms, as well as new computer center/library that was air conditioned! 

Centro Escolar Canton El Pital
La Libertad

In May of 2018, we returned to El Salvador and worked in this great little school in the mountains overlooking the beach. We built a new kitchen and bathrooms, as well as renovated 2 classrooms, built a new playground and gave the entire school a fresh coat of paint.

Centro Escolar El Coco
La Libertad

In February of 2016, we took our first Family Trip to this amazing school perched on a hillside overlooking the ocean. We built a new classroom, kitchen and library. We also built a new garden with food for the students to eat, repainted the entire school and donated school supplies and sporting equipment.

Centro Escolar El Zonte
La Libertad

In March of 2015, we re-built this school for 400 students. They got new bathrooms, kitchen, classrooms and a library.

Centro Escolar Caserio el Metalillito
La Libertad

In October of 2014 a group of amazing ladies spent five days at this school, building a new classroom and kitchen and totally re-painting the entire school.

Centro Escolar Licenciado Walter Beneke
Tamanique, La Libertad

In February of 2014, with help from actress Sarah Chalke and our friends at United Talent Agency, we helped make repairs to the kitchen, the bathrooms and most importantly the classrooms at the school. We also did some much needed gardening and repainting. We also donated a playground & basketball court.

Centro Escolar Cantón El Cimarron
La Libertad

In March of 2013 we took another group of students from Westridge School for Girls to a larger school than we ever had before, 690 students. During the trip the girls from Westridge installed a garden, helped paint and make repairs to the school. They also helped create and run an after school program arts program for the students in El Salvador.

Centro Escolar El Shutia
La Libertad

In February of 2013, we partnered for the first time with United Talent Agency to rebuild the school, including new bathrooms, a new classroom as well as re-painting the entire school.

Centro Escolar Cantón El Zacatal
Coatepeque, Santa Ana

In October of 2012 seven amazing women, all longtime supporters of OneKid OneWorld raised funds to put a new roof on this 130 student school. In addition to the much needed roof, the funds they raised also allowed us to build new bathrooms, install an eco-kitchen and a garden as well as repainting the school.

Centro Escolar Hacienda El Porvenir
Coatepeque, Santa Ana

In March of 2012 we brought a group of students from the Westridge School for Girls in Pasadena, CA. We did an Extreme School Makeover at this school of 180 students, constructing a new kitchen and garden as well as painting the school.

Centro Escolar Cantón El Progreso
Tamanique, La Libertad

In 2011 we expanded the number of schools we support, This time we took a group of volunteers to rebuild the entire school, including new classrooms, roof and bathrooms. We also began sponsoring soccer teams at four different schools.

Centro Escolar San Juan Las Minas
Coatepeque, Santa Ana

Also in 2011 we began our Extreme School Makeover, this time with our board member Stephanie March. On this trip in October of 2011 we worked to build an eco-kitchen as well as repainting and adding a garden for the students of this school.

Centro Escolar Cantón Amaquilco
de Huizúcar La Libertad

Early in 2010, we completely re-built this 200 student school. The school got new classrooms, a new coat of paint, a library, a kitchen and a brand new roof. We built a garden for the students and were also able to purchase textbooks and school supplies for the school.

Here Are some Highlights Of Our Guatemala Projects

Aldea Vulte Grande

In February of 2017, we re-built this school for 240 students. We built new classrooms and bathrooms as well as renovating kitchens, playgrounds and library…as well as buying new textbooks for the school.

Santa María de Jesus

In August of 2015, we re-built this school for 1,400 students. We built new bathrooms, kitchen and classrooms…as well as renovated the library and planted a garden of sustainable food for the kitchens.

Here Are Some highlights of Our Nicaragua Projects

Public School Raul Barrios

In January of 2018, we traveled to this school perched on the side of Lake Nicaragua with a team of 6 families to re-build this school. We built a new kindergarten classroom and a multi-purpose room…as well as renovated the kitchens, bathrooms and classrooms.

Colegio Madre Teresa de Calcuta

In February of 2017, we re-built this school of 204 students. Our volunteers built new bathrooms and a new kitchen. We also put new electricity in the entire school, as well as renovated playgrounds and library…as well as bought new textbooks for the school.

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